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Pet Care You Can Trust

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 Dog, Pet Care Services in Midland, TX



Pets are a part of the family too and they deserve to be treated as such. At Wag N' Walkers, we offer dependable dog walking and other pet care services in Midland, Texas. Our goal is to make life easier for you, and happier for your dog.

Pet Care and Other Services:

• Dog Walking • Dog Sitting • House Sitting • Feeding

Dogs Get Lonely Too


* Do you feel guilty leaving your pet alone while you are working 8 to 10 hour days at the office?

* Just got a puppy and have to go back to work? Can't keep running home at lunch?

* Travel often and not sure who to rely on for proper pet care, or don't want to burden the family?

* Had a bad pet care experience in the past or just hate kennels all together?

* First-time pet owner, nervous about letting someone into your home and leaving your pet alone for the first time?

* DONT TRUST JUST ANYONE WITH YOUR PET! Wag N' Walkers is Licenced- Insured-Bonded

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